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Edited by Manoj Yadav

April 5, 2021

Cotton Sowing Area | Price: Farmers Cotton (Cotton) of good sense from cultivation this year (Sowing Area) might increase their interest and they kharif (Khariff Season) sowing of cotton rather than other major crops ( Cotton sowing) can do more. 

Experts say that this year , the area under cotton sowing in the Khariff season may increase by at least 10 percent compared to last year. Especially Gujarat ( Gujarat), Rajasthan (Rajasthan) and Andhra Pradesh (Telangana) is expected to increase the area under cotton this year. On the farmers cotton season (Current Cotton Season) sense of MSP (MSP) Has received more than Rs. 1,000 per quintal. 

The government has fixed the minimum support price (MSP ) of cotton (long fiber) at Rs 5,825 per quintal and MSP of medium fiber cotton at Rs 55,15 per quintal for the current season 2020-21 , while the price of cotton in the market is Rs 6,000. Moving above the counter. In the past, the price of cotton in Gujarat has risen to above Rs 6,500 per quintal. 

Cotton Association of India (CAI) President Atul Ganatra said that farmers in Gujarat and Rajasthan may be interested in sowing cotton instead of groundnut. At the same time, cotton acreage will increase in Telangana as well.

Girish Kabra of Mumbai, who keeps a close watch on the cotton market of the world, also said that the area of ​​cotton will be more than last year in the upcoming kharif season. He told that in some areas of North India, sowing of cotton has started in the new season and by the end of this month, sowing will take a lot of force.

Kabra said that as long as cotton prices were below MSP, the Cotton Corporation of India (CCI) was in the procurement, so farmers were getting MSP, but when they got higher than MSP in the market When prices started getting, they started selling in the market itself and the purchase of CCI stopped.

Market sources say that due to the increase in area under cotton, the shortage of seeds may continue this year. In the cotton season 2020-21, farmers of the country cultivated cotton on a total of 129.57 lakh hectares.

Of Cotton Association of India (CAI) estimates the current cotton season (Current cotton season) is 2020-21 (total production of cotton in the country in October-September), 358.50 lakh bales (170 kg) in a lump, while last year The total supply will remain 495.50 lakh bales, including the outstanding stock of 125 lakh bales and imports about 12 lakh bales, while domestic consumption demand will be 330 lakh bales and exports will be 105.50 lakh bales of cotton on 30 September 2021 for the next season. (Source: